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Mission & Values

At History Reimagined, we are committed to building confidence, resilience, trust, and agency in youth at-risk of incarceration by reclaiming stories and creatively sharing family and community history. We work to achieve this with the "bigger picture" goal of helping to end the school-to-prison pipeline and the cycle of domestic violence.

Our team values include 

  1. Healing Centered, Trauma-Informed

  2. Think Big

  3. User Focused

  4. Hopeful Yet Realistic

  5. Feedback is Our Friend

  6. Trust Ourselves Through the Process

  7. Project Before Ego:

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About Us: Mission

How We Started

In early 2018, Gobee Group and Blue Shield of California Foundation initiated the recruitment process for Reimagine Lab, a 6-month fellowship during which participants (Fellows) would identify user groups and design innovative, human-centered strategies for domestic violence prevention in California. By March 2018, 16 Fellows from various backgrounds and expertise fields were selected.

From April 2018 to September 2018, the Fellows met monthly in different cities throughout California to begin the design process. The 16 Fellows were divided into 5 groups based on user groups identified, and began collecting data and conducting research to understand needs and challenges.

By September 2018, each team presented their initial concepts for domestic violence prevention to the other Fellows and Gobee Group. History Reimagined was one of the 5 strategies.

About Us: History

How We Evolved

The following year (Year 2), Fellows were invited back to continue developing their strategies. After quick pitches of the 5 strategies to Blue Shield of California representatives, History Reimagined was selected as one of 3 strategies to be focused on. As a result, the History Reimagined team increased from 2 to 4 Fellows, adding new perspectives, expertise, and ideas to the mix.

Over the course of June to November 2019, our team facilitated 3 prototype events to test parts of our strategy and received input from 170 participants (click on pictures below to learn more). 

Based on user feedback and key insights, our team decided to:

  1. Implement the concept as a school-based program;

  2. Begin the curriculum with tools to build trust within and with others

  3. Emphasize the power and impact of storytelling

By November 2019, the History Reimagined team presented a better tested and developed version of the original concept to Blue Shield of California representatives, as well as to sector leaders and other Fellows, in Oakland. In the presentation, we also outlined a pilot curriculum and long-term goals for growth and sustainability of our concept.

Trans Youth Camp (June 2019)
Green Dot Public School (September 2019)
Indigenous Pride (October 2019)
About Us: Values

What's Next?

We look forward to building a larger team, formalizing partnerships, developing our curriculum and training, and piloting an accelerated version of the curriculum in a middle school setting by the end of 2020. With funding from Blue Shield of California Foundation, we will be able to take our program to the next level and closer to implementation. Click on the following document to see our Year 3 Proposal outlining our plan for 2020!

History Reimagined Year 3 Proposal & Bud
About Us: Values

Our Team

Meet the amazing advocates behind History Reimagined

About Us: Team Members

Ana Rosa Najera (she/her)

Ana Rosa is a Spanish-English bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Green Belt Nia Instructor, Certified TRE Provider and Certified Facilitator of The Resilience Toolkit at Lumos Transforms. Her career as an LCSW has focused on guiding families with young children through transitions and trauma. Whether her clients' needs centered on developmental delays, the challenges of the foster care system, abuse, or neglect, Ana Rosa found that the ability to self-heal was the best gift she could give anyone struggling to meet life's challenges.

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